Reactive and Proactive production in China

Why Choosing Sinoprod?

This Is the reasons why

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Always on Time

From the first stage of production, we push our team to get your parts delivered on time so you can proceed faster to the next step

Attention to detail

At our factory, we ensure that the parts you will be receiving will be functionnal and will go beyond your expectations

24/7 Availability

From our sales team to our production, we are not affraid of the time change and ready to serve you at best

Competitive offer

With our production means in China, we are able to offers you high quality part with a better price than the competition

Flexible Production

With our many years of experience into the production, we have the best solutions and guidance for you and your project

Accurate Quality Control

Quality control is what makes the difference with others suppliers. We ensure all the parts are functionnal and usable prior to shipment

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