Production services in China

From Rapid Prototyping to Mass Production

With several production technologies, we are able to produce from small series to mass production for parts made out of plastic or metal

Our Production Services

What can we do

CAD Drawing and Design

CAD Creation & Optimization

Do you have a new concept or a new idea? Do you need assistance to create your first product or prototype? Our designers can help you to shape virtually your new idea. We can assist you in the 3D or CAD design from scratch or we can rework your existing sketch in order to make it perfectly suitable for production


Rapid Prototyping Services

With more than 8 years of production experience, our factory purposes tailored solutions for your project. If you required functional parts or you just want to check the final assembly, we can assist you during all the prototyping stages. With more than 300 prototypes developed, we have the expertise to guide you at best

Rapid Prototyping Services
Mass Production Services

Mass Production Services

Either that we assisted you with the production of the prototype or not, we can produce your parts made out of plastic and metal. We can follow your yearly needs and arrange production accordingly.


Assembly & Semi-assembly

Being in China allows us to easily source components or to receive them from your others suppliers. With our two assembly lines, we can easily finalize your product to save you time and cost upon reception. We can adjust from simple to complex assembly following your requirements.

Assembly Lines services
Quality Control

Quality Control

One of the most important phases of production should not be neglige. As receiving your parts is crucial, you can not afford to get it with issues or malfunctioning. We will always confirm with you that the parts are usable on your end prior to any shipments.

Why Choosing Sinoprod for my new project?

Flexibility of production and speed of realization

Quick Production

With transparency during our production, we always focus to shorten lead time as we understand that time to market is crucial for your business!

Tailored Solutions

Our production experts will advise you at best to provide you the best solution for your project and your budget

24/7 Availability

Fast communication, fast production and efficient follow-up to save you time and energy on your projects.

Testimonials and Satisfaction Rate

What our customers are Saying?

We were already producing in China but we were not satisfied with the leadtime and quality of our old supplier. We switch to Sinoprod and from the first order we were incredbily suprised of the level of the quality ! Since that day, all our production and assembly is made there and it saves us a lot of time and headaches!
David Sureau
CTO at Velco
For my business, I need to constantly develop new products and features. Their flexibility impress me and even after several years of cooperation, the result is still here. I enjoy working with such kind of supplier : dedicated and reactive. More than that, they also listen a lot which makes it faster in the industrialization process.
Luca Chevalier
Founder at Eovolt
Working with Sinoprod will simply save you time, money and efforts. I appreciate that it's a serious supplier that is responsible and care about their clients and you can really feel that. I've already advised them to all my network and they don't mind being busy because they can manage!
Adam Willes
Director at TopLane