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Our factory in China

1000m² of production Area

Focus Your Time and Efforts on creating new products and Leave the production aspect to us

Located in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, we have been producing plastic and metal parts since 2013. Started with few machines and a motivation to produce better, we have created Sinoprod to serve customers better.

Mass Production Services

Production services from the First Part

Do you need to try out a new design before moving to mass production? Well with us, you can do both! Let’s confirm the final version first and let’s industrialize together your concept

Producing in China doesn't mean that the quality has to be low and poor, this is why we created Sinoprod

Producing in China often comes with the stereotype of the low quality or the manufacturer ready to steal your idea and concept. This is why we wanted to create a difference and purpose an alternative in this market with high competition.

Flexbile production

With a total of 20 Machines fully owned, we are capable to produce your parts in plastic and metal. We can also assist with the finishing and rendering to provide you all the essentials of a semi-finished product.

Reactive Team & Expertise

With Almost 10 Years of experience in production, our team knows how to guide you at best and to serve you better. Following your requirements, we will ensure that the material conforms.  Then technologies will fit your need and your budget.

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Years In Production

What we produce for our customers

Medical Equipment

Using certified material, we produced small series of milled to plastic injected parts.

Mechanical Parts

From the prototype to the series, we can make mechanical product (Mostly in metal).

Design Office

Design Office

Following the design office creations in order to shape their ideas into reality.

Exhibition Parts

Creating beautiful pieces is in the scope of our work. We can produce great-looking pieces made out of plastic and metal.

Concept Validation

Design Validation

Spending time on product development is important to make sure the final product has all the features.

Design Validation

Concept Validation

Sinoprod is here to answer all your requests.

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